OH&S Policy


The following procedures incorporate Buildworth Pty Ltd site safety rules.

  • All new employees receive a verbal induction regarding safe work practices prior to the commencement of work on site by the Site Supervisor. Ongoing training is provided to all personnel as required throughout the duration of this contract.
  • All personnel carrying out construction activities on site and those inspecting such activities are to wear safety helmets, steel toe capped boots and a fluorescent safety vest at all times. This includes subcontractors, local council personnel and client representatives.
  • Personnel using noisy equipment are required to wear ear protection and dust masks. Protective glasses and dust masks are worn whenever grinders or cutting discs are used.
  • All machines are maintained regularly to ensure they are working in an efficient and safe order.
  • All operators using machinery must hold a current Work Cover Certificate
  • Normal road traffic procedures are adhered to at all times.
  • All visitors are to report to the Site Supervisor prior to moving around the site and at the conclusion of their visit are to inform the Site Supervisor of their departure.
  • In the event of an emergency, qualified first aid personnel are to be notified immediately. Any injured personnel are to report to the Site Supervisor for treatment / assessment and if necessary be transported to a local doctor or nearby hospital.
  • If necessary an ambulance is to be called as soon as possible.



Buildworth Pty Ltd’s policy in the area of occupational health, safety and welfare is to provide a safe and healthy place for all staff, contractors and members of the public.


The management of Buildworth Pty Ltd is committed to improving every aspect of health and safety by involving all staff and sub-contractors in reducing or eliminating any risks and hazards in the workplace and providing sufficient resources to comply with OH&S Act and regulations.


The act states that occupational health and safety committees will be established in the workplace of 20 more where the majority of employees request it.

  • The Work Cover leaflet “OHS committees: Powers, functions, rights and duties” outlines the powers and functions of committees.
  • Work Cover’s “The health and safety committee starter kit” outlines the steps to be taken to set up a committee according to the Act.


In order to implement the general provisions of this policy, Buildworth Pty Ltd will set up and monitor a programme of activities relating to OH&S and include:

  • OH&S training and education.
  • Work design, workplace design and standard work procedures.
  • Safety rules and disciplinary procedures.
  • Changes to work methods.
  • Provision of OH&S equipment.
  • Workplace inspections.
  • Reporting and recording incidents, injuries and illnesses.
  • Provide OH&S information to employees, contractors and sub-contractors.